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Managers as Players - NL Edition

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Graph of the Day

Last week I looked at how the current AL managers did as players.  This week it is the NL's turn.

NL East

Atlanta Braves: Bobby Cox
Florida Marlins: Fredi González
New York Mets: Jerry Manuel
Philadelphia Phillies: Charlie Manuel
Washington Nationals: Jim Riggleman


Fredi González and Jim Riggleman did not play in the majors.

NL Central

Houston Astros: Brad Mills
Milwaukee Brewers: Ken Macha
Chicago Cubs: Lou Piniella
Cincinnati Reds: Dusty Baker
Pittsburgh Pirates: John Russell
St. Louis Cardinals: Tony LaRussa


Ken Macha and Brad Mills did not play in the majors.


NL West - This was the first graph not made by Fangraphs because all 5 managers were in the majors and had to get the pitcher data for Bud Black from Rally's WAR database.

Los Angeles Dodgers: Joe Torre
San Diego Padres: Bud Black
San Francisco Giants: Bruce Bochy
Colorado Rockies: Jim Tracy
Arizona Diamondbacks: A.J. Hinch