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What do you just love about baseball?

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Reader dougbies posed an interesting question in a FanPost a couple days ago: What things aggravate you about baseball?  For all that we love the game, there always things that drive us crazy.  (For me, it's managers wearing uniforms.  Example A: Tommy Lasorda.)

Let me pose the opposite question:

What do you just love about baseball?

Is it the history?  The uniforms?  The pitchers' duels?  The pine tar?  The Hall of Fame?  The blogs?  The announcers?  The fights in the bleachers?  The deliberate pace of games?  The fantasy leagues?  The excuse to drink beer on a near-daily basis?

Here's mine: There's always something going on.  There are games six out of seven days for each team, and a dozen games per day overall.  That's 24 starting pitchers to analyze a day, hundreds of chances for ninth-inning comebacks a week, and thousands of opportunities for perfect games a year.  Streaks come and go, balls bounce of heads for home runs, and teams turn three outs on one play.  There are so many opportunities for anything to happen that the improbable becomes probable.  People complain that not enough happens during a baseball game.  But more happens during a baseball season than in any other sport.  And yet I still want more.