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This Week In The AL West

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Hi there, BtB community! I have some AL West-related links for you. I know you're raring to brush up on the division, so follow me!

I have a question for you, though, if you'll indulge me in some conversation: Where is Cliff Lee going to end up and for what?

Texas Rangers (42-28)

Baseball Time In Arlington: Roy Oswalt's Trade Value And The Rangers

This may be moot at this point, but Joey Matschulat analyzes Roy Oswalt's trade value to the Rangers. The contract is a killer, and a team probably shouldn't give much up unless the Astros pay for part of it.

FanGraphs: Josh Hamilton's Resurgent Hitting

Hamilton's fWAR is just five runs behind his total from his vaunted 2008 season. That was before adding another home run and a double tonight. This mostly thanks to a .592 wOBA in June. David Golebiewski looks at how.

SB Nation Dallas-Ft. Worth: Top Five Rangers Most Deserving Of All-Star Spots

Bretty Perryman provides a look at which Rangers' have the most All-Star worthy numbers so far this season.

Baseball Time in Arlington: The Unloved, Revisited -- The Continuing Saga Of Ian Kinsler

Josh Garoon follows up a previous article on Ian Kinsler. Kinsler has shown, in many ways, a better approach this season, but an absolute loss of power, resulting in a very down year. Some of that may be due to a bad ankle.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (40-33)

FanGraphs: The Angels Are Still Clutch

Another week, another talk about the Angels consistent ability(?) to over-perform their expected records. Dave Cameron's approach is one simply of wonderment, which is where I think I am at this point.

FanGraphs: Piniero Proving To Be A Bargain

The Rangers have not lost a game since our last AL West roundup, and yet the Angels are still right in it. Some of that is the luck/mysterious skill/clutchiness Cameron mentions, and some is great value buys like Joel Piniero.

Halo Hangout: All-Star Angels

Nate Procter identifies Torii Hunter and Jered Weaver as the only debatable Angels All-Stars this season. I would like to point out his blog is an awesome Angels resource and you should consider reading it. He has good stuff.

The Hardball Times: Jered Weaver

I don't know if you know this, but Weaver has been awesome this season. See, look! Mr. Pavlidis looks at the gritty details to find out what he's done to get even better. Five at-least-useful pitches would do it, I think.

Oakland Athletics (34-39)

FanGraphs: Trevor Cahill Adapting, Improving

Joe Pawlikowski breaks down the progression of Trevor Cahill, who has already surpassed his fWAR total from 2009.

Sports Illustrated: The Day Moneyball Died

This is an article about silly things the A's have done this season and whether or not Billy Beane is even paying attention. It is written by Joe Posnanski. That is why you should read it.

FanGraphs: The Wrong Way -- Barton's Bunts

As a direct follow up to that article, Matt Klaassen analyzes one of those silly things: each of the astounding nine sacrifice bunts from Daric Barton this season. He argues everyone of them was a bad idea.

Seattle Mariners (29-41)

U.S.S. Mariner: Mariners And NERDs

Given the prominance of Mariners fans in the sabermetric crowd, you probably think this article is about something else. Actually, it's Carson Cistulli and his neat-o pitcher aesthetic rating's introduction to the USSM folk. What's Up With Brandon League?

Cameron guests for a mainstream site displaying the issues with Brandon League, primarily coming from an over-reliance on his fastball. I want someone to get through to "erikec" in the comments.

FanGraphs: Jason Vargas = Jarrod Washburn?

Golebiewski makes the case that Vargas, like Washburn in 2009, has been, "the perfect blend of pitcher, park, defense and luck" for the Mariners.