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SaberCards: A (concept of a) Baseball Card for Stat Geeks

Graph of the Day

Like many readers of this site (I assume), I used to collect baseball cards as a kid. I loved reading the backs. Now that we're older and less tolerant of the stats available during Baseball 1.0 (you know, before sabermetrics), what would our ideal baseball card look like? Today I decided to take a first stab. I bring you: SaberCards.


This is merely Concept #1—I wouldn't mind continuing to work on this. Feedback is welcome and appreciated.

The RAA categories:

  • Offense: Batting, Reach on Error, and avoiding the Double Play
  • Defense: Range (Total Zone), Infield Double Play, Outfield Arm, Catching
  • Baserunning
  • Position

Data comes from Rally's WAR database. The excellent photo of Mr. Jones was posted to Flickr by Keith Allison with Creative Commons rights.