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Batters Faced: Which team has the hardest time getting a batter out?

Graph of the Day



Thoughts & Notes, Method, and Full Graphs after the Jump.

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Data is based on 2010 results to date from Baseball-Reference, pulled 06/13/10.


Notes, Thoughts, and Questions

1. The difference between the best (NYY's 36.56 BPG) and the worst (MIL's 40.58) translates to 4.062 and 4.508 batters faced per inning, respectively.

2. Projected out for a year, that means that NYY would face only 5923 batters while MIL would face 6573. That's a difference of 650 batters. In NYY terms, that's almost 18 extra games of batters!

3. I'd like to break this data down into the various factors that cause a lack of outs. "What's preventing this team from getting a batter out?"

4. What the hell is going on in Milwaukee?