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Graph of the Week: HoF Zone - WAR Arcs, Strasburg's Velocity, HoF Manager WAR, and a second look at SaberCards

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Tn_war-arcs-_thome_medium Tn_velocity-stras_medium

Tn_team_dollars_medium_medium Tn_pedroia-fb_medium Tn_hof-managers_medium

Click the graph for the article in which it appeared.

Can you believe this is already our 4th addition of Graph of the Week? We're already seeing dividends with better graphs all around. We're going to keep it simple this week and let you peruse the graphs in question and vote for your favorite. As always, let us know what you think and how these can be improved.

General guidelines for review after the jump. Click the thumbnails to see full versions of each chart.

General Critical Review of Sabermetric Graph Guidelines

1. Can you read it? Is it legible, easy to read? Things like fonts, color choices, labeling and organization should be noted here.

2. Can you understand it? Does it make sense? If the point of making a quality graph is the ability to tell a story with pictures, then the goal of a grapher is to make the subject easier to understand. This is especially important in a field like sabermetrics.

3. Does it stand alone? How much explanation does the visual require? Usually the less explanation needed, the more effective the visual. That means that the best graphs can stand alone, letting the image speak for itself, or it could drive home the point of the article in which it was included.