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Has Slugging Outpaced On Base Percentage?

Graph of the Day



Data aligned to 1980


Notes and Questions after the jump.


1. OBP = On Base Percentage = (H+BB+HBP) / (AB+BB+HBP+SF)

2. ISO = Isolated Slugging = SLG - AVG

3. The 2nd graph shows the data points at 1980 aligned for comparison purposes.

4. 2010, obviously, is still underway.

5. Data courtesy of Baseball Reference



1. Something changed in 92-93, didn't it? What do you suppose that was?

2. What the heck happened in 1987?

3. Is it too early to tell if ISO and OBP are realigning?

4. Are slugging and on base percentage necessarily isolated from each other? Presuming power hitters are walked more, would a rise in league slugging precipitate a rise in on base percentage?