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Things I've Thought Recently

Well, I finally finished my final day of high school today. It's a pretty weird feeling when you really think about it, it's shocking how comfortable you can become doing the same thing every day. But before I go out and enjoy the fruits of being an 18-year-old finishing arguably one of the lamest parts of life, I thought that I would share some tidbits from my baseball obsessive mind to get it all out of my system. So let's go!

Vladimir Guerrero isn't just alive, he's beatin' the hell out of the ball

Yeah, a lot of smart people (me included) had a whole lot of doubt about whether Vladimir Guerrero would ever again be the monster hitter that terrorized the league for years. Clearly, it's never good to underestimate a guy who's named Vladimir.

Off to a .342/.372/.551 start with 9 home runs in 172 plate appearances, Guerrero's name is all over the AL leaderboards. He's fifth in batting average, hits and RBI's in the AL, and he's 11th in the AL in wOBA, just behind Joe Mauer. ZiPS has Guerrero finishing the year with 26 homers, 109 RBI, and a .387 wOBA. Although he's due for some regression though, he's likely to begin striking out more than 10% of the time given his plate discipline stats.

Somebody should trade for Luke Scott

When the talking heads begin to harp on who should be traded where and for what, Luke Scott should be one of the top names to keep an eye on. He's not much of a big name, but he's currently sporting a .398 wOBA in Baltimore and he has a .362 wOBA in nearly 2,000 plate appearances in the majors. He's also a solid defender in the outfield corners, making him a solidly above average everyday player and a potential impact addition for some contender.

And he's relatively cheap, making roughly $4M in 2010 before going to arbitration for the third and final time in 2011. A ~3 WAR player at that price would seem to be the definition of a trade candidate. If some team is willing to give up some talent to Baltimore, he's a guy that should garner a ton of interest come July.

Remember that no-hitter? Well, Anibal Sanchez is still pitching

And more importantly, he's pitching pretty damn well, too. He posted a 3.87 ERA in 86 innings with the Marlins last season, but the metrics had him deserving an ERA more in the mid-4's range. But this season, Sanchez has shown some significant improvement as he tries to make good on the promise that made him a key portion of the Josh Beckett deal.

His velocity isn't up, but he's inducing significantly more swings on pitches out of the zone. He's also done a great job of getting good pitchers counts, and his whiff rate is above average as well. His ERA currently sits at 3.28, while his FIP is slightly lower at 3.08 while his xFIP is much higher at 4.34 on the year. He's not likely to maintain that ERA, but some regression to the high-3's would still make him one of the better starters in the NL. He's not really spectacular at anything, but there's reason to believe that the Marlins have a solid No. 3 behind Josh Johnson and Ricky Nolasco.