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Pitcher Foul Ball Percentage - Useless Information of the Day

Last night, I was watching the Royals and Tribe play and it seemed like it was free ball night at Jacob's Field as every other pitch seemed to be fouled into the stands.  For Gil Meche, who seem to have the most fouled off him,  ended up with 30.3%being fouled off according to Gameday.  I had no idea what the average percentage is for all pitchers so I ran the data on a Pitch F/X database from 2007 to 2010 looking at Foul, Foul (Runner Going), Foul Bunt and Foul Tip (foul outs were not counted) results.   The league average over the time from was 17.5% of all pitchers are hit for a foul ball and that is your useless piece of information of the day.