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The Dodgers: (Playing the) Worst Defense In the Majors

Graph of the Day


The Dodgers are the worst defending team in the Majors, according to UZR/150.


This is a follow-up to Monday's Graph of the Day, The Giants: (Playing the) Best Defense in the Majors. 

Data and Notes after the jump.

1. Data pulled 05-16-10 via Fangraphs.

2. Distribution is for all players with a minimum of 150 innings.



  Los Angeles D UZR UZR/150
1B James Loney -2.2 -10.7
2B Blake DeWitt -0.8 -0.3
SS Jamey Carroll -3.4 -37.5
3B Casey Blake -0.9 -5.1
LF Manny Ramirez -2.6 -18.8
CF Matt Kemp -11.8 -50.2
RF Andre Ethier -9.0 -60.9