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The Giants: (Playing the) Best Defense in the Majors.

Graph of the Day is back.


The Giants have the best defense a team could hope for, according to UZR/150.




Data and Notes after the jump.

1. Data pulled 05-16-10 via Fangraphs.

2. Distribution is for all players with a minimum of 150 innings.


  San Francisco UZR UZR/150
1B Aubrey Huff 0.6 4.0
2B Juan Uribe 1.6 19.4
SS Edgar Renteria 1.0 10.4
3B Pablo Sandoval 0.8 5.1
LF Mark DeRosa 2.1 20.9
CF Aaron Rowand 2.6 22.4
RF Nate Shierholtz 3.9 16.4