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BtB Open Thread: Games of May 13, 2010

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(The first BtB Newsletter went out today.  Have you subscribed yet?)

Here's your open thread for today.  It's sort of an amalgamation of a few things:

  • A link dump integrated with twitter.  To share a link simply tweet it and include the hashtag #btbdaily. (Re-tweets are not included, fyi.)
  • An open game thread for discussing today's games.  The schedule is listed below.
  • A catch-all thread. Something else on your mind that the BtB community would be interested in?  Share away.

Here are today's matchups, courtesy of ESPN.  It's a light schedule, but with some afternoon games and some aces.  For developing storylines and links to team-specific game threads at SBNation blogs, keep an eye on SBNation's MLB page.

Seattle at Baltimore 12:35 PM Hernandez vs Millwood
NY Yankees at Detroit 1:05 PM Sabathia vs Verlander
Houston at St. Louis 1:40 PM Norris vs Carpenter
Oakland at Texas 2:05 PM Sheets vs Wilson
Cleveland at Kansas City 2:10 PM Huff vs Greinke
San Diego at San Francisco 3:45 PM Latos vs Sanchez
NY Mets at Florida 7:10 PM Santana vs Johnson
Washington at Colorado 8:40 PM Lannan vs Chacin

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