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BtB Game Thread: Yankees @ Tigers -- May 12, 2010

The game's on ESPN, so unless you're like me and only have (without cable), nearly everyone should be able to watch this game.

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The Yankees, who have already lost 2-0 today, send Phil Hughes to the mound, who is finally living up to expectations with a 2.77 FIP so far in 2010 (3.86 xFIP) and a ZiPS rest-of-season projected 3.60 FIP.

Detroit's Jeremy Bonderman has been nearly as good, with a 3.50 FIP (4.01 xFIP), even though his ERA is an ugly 5.74.  Part of the explanation is a .333 BABIP, although he's been known as one of those guys who can't seem to post a league-average BABIP.

Game on.

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