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BtB Open Thread: May 11, 2010

Here's your open thread for today.  It's sort of an amalgamation of a few things:

  • A link dump integrated with twitter.  To share a link simply tweet it and include the hashtag #btbdaily. (Re-tweets are not included, fyi.)
  • An open game thread for discussing today's games.  The schedule is listed below.
  • A catch-all thread. Something else on your mind that the BtB community would be interested in?  Share away.

Here are today's matchups, courtesy of ESPN.  For developing storylines and links to team-specific game threads at SBNation blogs, keep an eye on SBNation's MLB page.

Seattle at Baltimore 7:05 PM Lee vs Hernandez
NY Yankees at Detroit 7:05 PM Vazquez vs Porcello
Cincinnati at Pittsburgh 7:05 PM Cueto vs Morton
Toronto at Boston 7:10 PM Eveland vs Matsuzaka
Washington at NY Mets 7:10 PM Olsen vs Niese
Oakland at Texas 8:05 PM Cahill vs Lewis
Florida at Chicago Cubs 8:05 PM Nolasco vs Wells
Atlanta at Milwaukee 8:10 PM Hudson vs Bush
Chicago Sox at Minnesota 8:10 PM Garcia vs Slowey
Cleveland at Kansas City 8:11 PM Westbrook vs Bannister
Houston at St. Louis 8:15 PM Myers vs Penny
Philadelphia at Colorado 8:40 PM Halladay vs Cook
LA Dodgers at Arizona 9:40 PM Ely vs Haren
Tampa Bay at LA Angels 10:05 PM Niemann vs Kazmir
San Diego at San Francisco 10:15 PM LeBlanc vs Zito

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