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Opening Night Game Thread: The Four-Letter's Two Favorite Teams

AL East Standings


(updated 4.4.2010 at 6:37 AM EDT)

Right now the standings are a blank slate, all across baseball. Starting tonight, that all changes, because real baseball is coming to your tv*, a one-game warmup before the flood gates open tomorrow**. So after you find your Easter basket, finish gnawing on the ham bones, and get your fill of the nice weather (hello, northeast), stop by BtB to talk about the game and the upcoming season with fellow BtB readers. You'll need something to replace the actual broadcast.

Placeholder -- Jeff's hoping to provide a more in-depth preview of the game, starting with umpire stats. If he gets to it, it'll go here.

* Well, not my house, unfortunately. I don't have cable, and while the combination is pretty sweet, those pesky blackout restrictions are still in place.

** BtB will have an open thread all day tomorrow where we can discuss the onrushing season and all the day's game. Plus, Fangraphs is running an all-day live chat starting at 9am, with appearances by their Fangraphs and RotoGraphs writers, well-known saber-friendly panelists from other arenas, and me.

Lastly, if you're wondering about the 32 Predictions contest, it's still on, and looking to be better than ever (i.e. better than last year.) Look for the announcement later in the week, most likely coming with information on a tangible prize.