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Does Arizona Hate Lefties?

Apparently. And apparently, they don't expect to face a single left-handed hitter with a platoon split, either.

Here's their current pitching staff:

RHP Dan Haren

RHP Edwin Jackson

RHP Ian Kennedy

RHP Rodrigo Lopez

RHP Kris Benson

RHP Blaine Boyer

RHP Esmerling Vazquez

RHP Leo Rosales

RHP Aaron Heilman

RHP Bob Howry

RHP Juan Gutierrez

RHP Chad Qualls

Yup, that's 12 pitchers, and not a single lefty on the entire staff.

You know what else is weird? Their next series is against Philadelphia. Yeah, the Philadelphia that has Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Shane Victorino, and Raul Ibanez all batting left-handed. So this isn't exactly a case of the team stacking up on match-ups for a big series.

I'm sure that they'll be really happy when Howard comes up to face a righty (career wOBA vs. RHP: .431) because they don't have a single lefty to face him (career wOBA vs. LHP: .321). I know that guys like Jordan Norberto and Zack Kroenke are nothing special, but that's just some odd roster management right there.