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If They Fought, Battle Royal At Large Fight In

Fifteen players got their names submitted and rec'd to make it to the finals. To make it an even 16 person bracket, the rest of the nominations will fight it out with the top person gets to advance and take on top vote getter Kyle Farnsworth.

Match ups to follow and the fights will begin Wednesday and run every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until a winner is chosen. Polls will run about 3 days on each fight:

Kyle Farnsworth vs Battle Royal Winner

Kyle Blanks vs Miguel Olivo

A.J. Pierzynski vs Peter Moylan

Jonny Gomes vs Cla "The Claw" Meridith

Elijah Dukes vs Carlos Zambrano

Prince Fielder vs Milton Bradley

Jon Rauch vs Chan Ho Park

Adam Dunn vs Nyler Morgan