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BtB Saber-Slanted Fantasy League: Draft Order and Other Tidbits

OK people, this post will be short. Tomorrow is the BtB Saber-Slanted Fantasy League's live online draft, as hosted by Those of you who are in the league, prepare to be owned, as in one of us will win and thus "own" the others presumably. Here are a few tidbits that need to be cleared up before tomorrow.

- Justin asked and I'll repeat it here, we are going to officially go with 6 SP/3 RP and 3 pts. per save, 1 pt. per hold. This is experimental, hopefully it turns out halfway decent. People had some concerns about not having any points, and the community voting yielded this as the most desired result. We'll see how it turns out.

- The draft will be held tomorrow, Saturday, March 27th, at 8 p.m. Make sure you head over to the league home page to access the draft. Feel free to go ahead and pre-rank your players prior to the draft and make sure everything's OK technology-wise.

- OK, for those of you who missed the draft order message, here's the order for tomorrow night's snake draft:

1 God Damn Brewery (Jack Moore)
2 Outside the Limes (Sky Kalkman)
3 Roto Ratz (Zach Sanders)
4 Replacement Level Roto (Jared)
5 Chicks dig the Longo ball (Alex)
6 St. Johns Redmen (Nathan)
7 Rabble Rousers (Erik Manning)
8 The Reluctants (Me)
9 Slavia (Viktor)
10 Stumptown Browns (Will)
11 Maple Slayers (Shane)
12 The Daily Thumping (Bill)
13 Low Leverage LOOGY's (Lee)
14 The Grues (Justin)

Congratulations to Jack Moore for winning the rights to Albert Pujols, and to JinAZ for getting the wheel! Make sure you plan everything out accordingly.

Please, utilize the rest of this draft board for pre-draft chatter if you wish. Tomorrow, I'll be posting a FanPost that I'll update on each round so that we can keep decent track of people and so that BtB readers can follow along and critique our awful choices.

And the pitch, again

I would be remiss if I did not mention (again) that you too could run your own Commissioner Fantasy Baseball League if you don't like the one here on BtB. In addition, not only should you go ahead and run one, but SBNation is giving you a chance to do so at a reduced cost, only $90 instead of the regular $180!

Here's how you can do it. Get to via this link and you can go ahead and set up a league as similar or dissimilar to mine as you'd like. Not only will you get half off on your Commissioner League, but you'll also cut me a little bit as well, and you'll in turn receive my gratitude. And really, isn't that the greatest gift of all?

Here's some of the features of the league in which you may be interested:

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Again, if you're interested, go and get your half-off Commissioner League from and start the league you always wanted to have. is an SB Nation partner and paying sponsor of the SB Nation baseball communities.
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