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Spring Cleaning – Players from Hell

I read an article (sorry it was only in paper form from someone in the University of Arizona Geography Dept.) about where hell was located in the United States due to how locations were named. They centralized the location somewhere in the mountain states. I decided to look players that may have been associated with Hell or some form like Devil, Satan, etc. I searched the databank data set and didn't find many results. I was going to do a small write up on each player, but I just don't see myself doing it.


Additional Players added to the List:

Fausto Carmona
Angel Pagan
Tim Teufel - Teufel is devil in German
Dante Bichette

Nick names:

George "Satan" Stutz

Eric "Blue Devil" Tipton

Willie "The Devil" Wells


Place of Death

Vern Bickford died in Hellier, Kentucky


Part of Name

Tony Hellman


The Person in baseball most associated with the Devil:

Rick Helling born in Devils Lake, North Dakota