Help With 32 Questions Contest

I want to run the contest we did last year where everyone tries to predict which one of a pair of choices will produce the larger number. Here's the full set of questions from last year, but the following were some of my favorites:

HRs by last year's SB leader, Willy Taveras
SBs by last year's HR leader, Ryan Howard

Javier Vazquez's ERA
Javier Vazquez's FIP

1000 times Jack Cust's AVG
Combined Runs by Derek Jeter and Brian Roberts

Most runs scored by one team in any game
Most caught stealings by any one player

World Series won by AL East Teams
World Series won by any NL team

What I need is help coming up with this year's questions. In my opinion, the best questions address popular storylines or hot debates, have symmetry, show creativity, and present two options that are equally likely to "win". So, please share your awesome ideas in the comments; they're much appreciated.

(To head off the obviously related question, I'm about 2/3 of the way through scoring last year's contest and will have results "soon".) Results are in!

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