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Best of Sabermetrics: January 2010

No, I'm not starting another awards project.  However, one of the things that a lot of us noticed during the BtB Saber Awards was that it was really hard to remember some of the good work done earlier in the year when it came to nominating articles.  I personally went through my entire 2009 twitter archive trying to find good stuff I had linked to.

This year, I'm going to post monthly threads like this where I'd like to ask you (our readership): what do you think were the best sabermetric articles of this past month?  These can be research articles, commentaries, primers, new resources, or whatever else.  This should make for a nice resource to help folks (like me!) keep current in our reading.  And, should we do the Sabers again, this will be a handy way to go back and remind ourselves of some of the important work throughout the year.

I don't want this to be overly formal, but it might be helpful to follow this kind of format when linking to a new article:

Subject line: Article title
Link: [url]
Why: [brief blurb on why you think it's worth checking out]

Thanks in advance!