BoaB Zack Greinke Draft Rounds 6-15

Draft order in these rounds is:

1. Steve Slowinski
2. DempseysArmy
3. Steven Ellingson
4. Daniel Berlyn
5. Tommy Bennett
6. Grantjg1
7. perfectstrat
8. PWHjort
9. Zach Sanders
10. oldjacket
11. Dan Turkenkopf
12. RedRobot8

Don't forget: No Snake!

League Draft Board

Team by Team Salary/Position Sheet

Reminder on guidelines:

  • Picks are to be made in the subject line. Here is an example pick...Subject: 1.01 Ichiro Suzuki, OF Message: $17mm. Pretty simple, right?
  • Once a pick is made, enter it into our draft board on GoogleDocs. Also enter it into your team page for easy reference.
  • Play nice. If you want to taunt someone for their pick, don't start a new comment thread just reply to their pick.

Also, rec this post so it stays visible at the top.

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