BoaB Zack Greinke Division - Draft Rounds 1-5


Let's get this thing started, shall we? While our draft does not officially begin until Thursday at 9am EST, some picks may be made before hand (time limit does not apply). Some reminders on rules:

  • 12 team modified snake draft
    • $60MM budget using actual MLB salaries
    • 25-man roster, no subs, no transactions
    • The only scoring category is WAR, as determined by Fangraphs.
    • Draft runs 9am - 9pm EST, 2 hours per pick. Once time has elapsed, others may pick at will behind them and the owner who missed their pick can slide in at any time and make it up.

    Now, some simple guidelines for this thread:

    • Picks are to be made in the subject line. Here is an example pick...Subject: 1.01 Ichiro Suzuki, OF Message: $17mm. Pretty simple, right?
    • Once a pick is made, enter it into our draft board on GoogleDocs. Also enter it into your team page for easy reference.
    • Play nice. If you want to taunt someone for their pick, don't start a new comment thread just reply to their pick.

    Now, here is the draft order and links to the key spreadsheets for the league. Since this post will handle draft rounds 1-5, standard snake is in play at this point. Happy drafting, everyone!

    2.Dan Turkenkopf
    4. Zach Sanders
    5. PWHjort
    6. perfectstrat
    7. Grantjg1
    8. Tommy Bennett
    9. Daniel Berlyn
    10. Steven Ellingson
    11. DempseysArmy
    12. Steve Slowinski

    League Draft Board

    Team by Team Salary/Position Sheet

    EDIT: To make it clear to everyone...once the draft has started, you can make picks outside of the 9-9 draft time, but they will not be subject to the 2 hour time limit. In fact, I would encourage you to make your pick outside of the 9-9 period if at all possible when it's your turn to get this done ASAP.

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