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Crowd Control: Winter Meetings off to a Hot Start

What an awesome weekend for off-season baseball!

  • Jeter and the Yankees make up with what appears to be an amicable and fair deal, as far as those things go. It has all the signs of a contract that neither side could refuse for numerous reasons, but none so many as an aging Hall-of-Famer and a team both realizing he's close to the end.
  • Adam Dunn finally gets his big contract, but did it come too late in his career? Signing with CHW signals he's ready to admit he's seen the appeal of extending his career as a designated hitter, but as BtB and numerous others have pointed out over the years: it's a shame he hurt his own value with his glove for so long.
  • To replace Dunn's bat, the Nationals make the first real guffaw of an offer to Jason Werth, which was so far above and beyond any other offers that the contract was signed more or less immediately. But couldn't the Nats have kept Dunn for less money?
  • In another "huh?" signing of the weekend, STL signed Lance Berkman, and last I heard they actually intend on him playing outfield. And here I thought Mr. Berkman wasn't allowed to play in the field any longer.

Until we learn the details of the Adrian Gonzalez contract in Boston, it'll have to stay off of the poll. For now, vote for the weekend signing that brings the most value to his new team (implied: for the best price).