American League Positional WAA, by Team

Absolutely love this, Andy. The graphic is a perfect example of where labels and data actually detract from the visual -- seeing the all the Mariners' positional players in the negatives is perfectly descriptive, and illuminating. -jbopp.



Updated 12/7/10, this is the correct version

I don't normally like to clutter the sidebar here with my nonsense, but I thought this was a nice piece that is applicable to all teams and those that write passionately about them. I take a look at wRAA + UZR for each of the AL teams by position to see some of the best and worst across the league. Additionally, I think this is a great way to look at which positions teams should be looking to upgrade as the off-season continues to drag out. I'd love to hear any feedback either here or at the Dock, and please get in touch @Sandykazmir or sabresrule79080ATyahooDOTcom if you would like the data e-mailed to look at your own specific team the way that I have looked at the Rays. Thank you for your time, I hope that I haven't wasted it.

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