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Non-Sports Studies You Want to See Done

If you wanted any non-basball/sports study done, what would it be?   I actually enjoy doing baseball studies, but there are other areas that I wish i could see a study done.  Here are three I would like to see done:

Caffeine/Alcohol vs Salt equilibrium

Drinking caffeine and alcohol will dehydrate you.   Salt will help you retain water.   There should be some amount of salt you can eat and allow to drink either a soda or a beer and not have to use the rest room.  For example, one bag of peanuts consumed with retain one beer.


Do state helmet laws affect the price of motorcycle insurance?

When I lived in Arizona, everyone bitched about the about how much they paid for motorcycle insurance, but there was no mandatory helmet law in the state.  I was wonder the amount insurance may go down if a state enacted a helmet law.  I tried to actually figure it out one time, but the local insurance salesmen said he could only get numbers for the state they insure in.  It would take probably 50 phone calls to get it done.

Does drinking ground water effect the cancer level in people?

I do not have rural water in the area I live in and have to have our own well for water.  You can then decide to have your own drinking water delivered to you.  There are quite a few older people near by that have live here for years and now have cancer.  I was wondering if chemicals/fertilizer in the ground water caused the higher levels of cancer in people.  It probably does to some level, but how much?  Is it a 0.5% increase or a 50% increase.