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High & Inside: 12/15/10 (The Experiment)

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Typically, I collect links from my google reader, facebook friends, a few of my favorite sites, and the occasional twitter link I somehow missed. However, the results have been kinda boring -- I provide the links, you go elsewhere. It just doesn't feel like we're getting the conversation out of the effort that we should be.

Today and over the next few iterations of this, I'll try something a bit different. I'll add the links I think we should all be reading in the comments section, where we can comment on them specifically through SBN's wonderful threaded comment tool.

Also, I know we have a number of writers that read BtB every single day, and I also know we don't do nearly a good enough job identifying the quality writing going on around the sabersphere. Some of your amazing work ends up over on our fanshot section, but much is missed. To remedy the situation, I am actually going to request you to post the links to your own sites, your own articles, and whatever you're interested in for the day, and we'll completely overlook (and not accuse anyone of) read-my-blog spam.

TLDR? I'll put some links in the comments section, where you can put links to your stuff as well. We can get the conversation going there.