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The Tangled Web We Weave: An Interactive Trade Map

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone at BtBS for the lovely welcome I received after coming on as part of the team last week. It's nice to see that there are other baseball nerds out there who appreciate kick-ass graphics as much as I do.

However, after my graphic comparing Mark Teixeira to Adrian Gonzalez wowed everyone so much, I thought it might be tough not to let everyone down with my first official BtBS graphic. So, I decided to make something that looked pretty and combine it with something people could play with! It's not saber-driven at all, but there's still a lot of info packed inside. Feel free to play around, and leave any astute/clever/critical remarks in the comments.

And with that, behold the tangled web that is EVERY MLB TRADE FOR THE PAST FIVE YEARS:

I'll be contributing to BtBS on a weekly basis, so I appreciate any feedback you guys have to offer, as well as any ideas for future graphics projects. As I said previously, I'm a bit of a saber novice, so if you feel the need to educate (read: correct) me on anything, go right ahead. A saber-nerd friend of mine has vowed to teach me as much as possible, but I never underestimate the wisdom of the crowd. 

(NOTE: Because BtBS constrains every image to 540px wide, I went ahead a placed a larger version on my personal website. Feel free to check it out.)