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Phillies Sign Cliff Lee: The Open Thread of Implications

First of all, if you're up this late and you don't already know, Cliff Lee is headed back to the Phillies.

Ok, cool. But:

What does it mean?

1. The price of Zack Greinke just kinda exploded, as both the Yankees and Rangers are left scrambling for their alternate ace. Throw the Angels potentially into the mix (MLBTR Conjecture), and KC has potentially the most valuable piece left on the market.

2. The Mets can saber all they want, but the division goes through Philly for the foreseeable future.

3. This is not a rejection of New York, so you guys can forget that conversation right now. Or, you can mock that conversation and point out that he picked Phila-freaking-delphia.

What else?