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In-Depth Gold Glove Award Reactions, Analysis, and Discussion

From around the sabersphere:


b-ref expresses surprise.

Le début

Carl Crawford has won his first Gold Glove!!

I try not to swear much, but this is deserving of an unfavorable word.

With every Derek Jeter win, the Fielding Grammy's status as a meaningful award becomes even more of a joke

BREAKING: Gold Glove award winner Derek Jeter demanding bazillion-year contract. Agent: "It'd be cheaper to just make him new Yankees owner"

Torii Hunter's streak of 9 straight Gold Glove awards ends

Say what you want about the Gold Glove voting, but I think it is a wonderful farewell tribute to Joe Morgan.

Le milieu

For the record (since I didn't mention this in the blog), my Gold Glove choice is Alexei Ramirez, with due respect to Pennington and Andrus.

The only conclusion I can draw from Jeter winning another Gold Glove is that it is too hard to watch a game when you're also coaching in it. @keithlaw

B-R Blog: My head just exploded...

The problem with separate Gold Gloves for the OF positions is that the responsibilities of each position are so similar.

New post: AL Gold Gloves

Speaking of Derek Jeter's defense - it's really, really bad.

@ It's really hard to fathom that a shortstop could make an extra play over and above the average shortstop every 2.7 games, yikes.

Reached indifference. First! RT @ Announcement, followed by outrage, followed by rationalization, followed by indifference