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Site Announcement: Sabermetric Primers and How-To Coming to BtB!

You may have noticed Steve Slowinski's recent addition to our masthead or the inclusion of "Primers" to our tentative column schedule I published last Friday. If you don't know Steve, he's one of SBNation's best sabermetric advocates and emissaries around.

So it is with great excitement that we announce that Steve will be writing a series of sabermetric primers for the members of our audience that are new to the subject, or the members of our audience that consider themselves experts that may need a handy reference. We'll be adding an index to our sidebar, from which sabernoobs and the experienced alike can find the answers to their questions. Where possible, we will be providing ways to enhance these columns for all types of learning styles, whether those that learn by reading, those that learn visually, or even those that learn kinetically and by doing it themselves.

All in all, this means that Beyond the Box Score continues to serve as the bridge from saber-ignorance to saber-brilliance, and we are extremely proud to fill that capacity however we can. Please give Steve a warm welcome and don't hesitate to offer both ideas and feedback regarding how our primers can fill that need.

Look for these on Thursdays coming soon. EXCITE! -jbopp