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High & Inside: 11/08/10

Was this the first full weekend without baseball? Felt like it, and by that I mean, "what a horrible weekend." Here's what we're reading: 

  • Now that the free agent market has opened, fans are awash with certain ideas that sometimes sound good, while others are just popular myths. JC Bradbury discusses them here @ Sabernomics. My favorite is the most common and most obvious:
GMs can buy low and sell high — So, let me get this straight: you think you know when a player is playing above or below his true ability—usually due to a small sample or by using a SGT-approved metric instead of a mainstream statistic—but guys who make a living in baseball completely miss it. For this to work, the GM on the other team has to be a colossal moron. GMs have made mistakes in the past and will make mistakes again, but they’re not dumb enough to act on a meaningless hot/cold streak. You can’t sell high or buy low and profit financially because all GMs understand these things.

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