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Unpopular Opinions: Baseball, Life.

Sometimes backing up every opinion one has with overwhelming evidence is exhausting. Or if you're into the scientific method, sometimes weighing the evidence, testing a hypothesis, and forming a conclusion is exhausting. In that light (and because it's the weekend), it's time to throw our most unpopular opinions out there.

Leave your evidence, sabermetric process, and logical conclusions at the door. It's time for Unpopular Opinions.


1. The Royals deserved to win the 1985 World Series, and the bad call only bothers spoiled Cardinals fans.

2. And the Royals deserve the 30-year punishment from the Baseball Gods for doing so.

3. The Red Sox mini-dynasty this decade was far better than the Yankees dynasty which immediately preceded it.

4. The MLB playoffs should be expanded.

5. The only "special wing" that guys like Barry Bonds and Pete Rose should be in is "Best Players Ever," with Babe Ruth and Ted Williams, perhaps a handful of others.

6. The National League should adopt the DH.

7. The Astros should be moved to the AL West.

8. MLB Should have a salary cap -- at $140M. The floor should be $80M.

9. Hurting your own team aside, watching a base get stolen, when everyone in the crowd, the pitcher, and the catcher all knows it's about to happen is the most exciting part of baseball.

10. I really don't care about steroids.

Unpopular opinions about life after the jump.


1. Most babies are not cute.

2. Hip-Hop never recovered from the death of Biggie. And I like Kanye West.

3. Your unpopular indie music kinda sucks, man.

4. Bad films are good for your character and should be sought out regularly.

5. The NFL is making a huge mistake with the NFL Network.

6. Daniel-Day Lewis is a fine actor that makes terrible films.

7. Will Smith is a barely-average actor that makes excellent flicks.

8. Conan O'Brien is hilarious, but never belonged on the Tonight Show.

9. Taco Bell serves a good product.

10. Cross-country high speed rails (mag levs and otherwise) are a really, really good idea and the US should spend whatever it takes to build them.


Your turn. Feel free to dispute any of mine or each other's. That's kinda the point.