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Take a Tweet, Leave a Tweet

Are you following us on Twitter? If you do, you'll know that much of what eventually makes it to the front page of Beyond the Box Score starts out as a question or a tweet/retweet. If you don't, you're missing out!

RSS Feed: @BtBScore

Justin: @justinbopp
Satchel: @SatchelPrice
Adam: @baseballtwit
Daniel: @CamdenCrazies
Peter: @CapitolAvenue
Jeff: @jeffwzimmerman
Steve: @steve_sommer
Dan: @dturkenk
Harry: @harrypav
Jinaz: @jinazreds
Jack: @jh_moore
Tommy R: @trancel
Larry: @wezen_ball
Paul: @TheDiaTribe
Matt: @devil_fingers
Josh: @garik16
J-Doug: @RationalPastime


Here are ours, but what about your other favorite links? Who should WE follow?