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High & Inside: 11/17/10

Today's Links to satiate your saber-slanted hunger:

This may come as a surprise, given his lack of security with Oakland, but Cust ranks among the best hitters in the AL over the past four seasons: first in walks (377), fifth in OBP (.381) and ninth in adjusted OPS (125) -- all while playing in a park that depresses offense.
So, let's see ... The Marlins have now, in the space of about 72 hours, traded their starting center fielder and their starting second baseman for three relief pitchers and a utility infielder? And locked down John Buck for three years?

If nothing else, you've got to give them credit for dynamism. I just can't figure out who's going to play center field next spring. And without a center fielder, you give up way too many triples.

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