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What do you love about baseball and sabermetrics?

Dusting this one off in honor of Valentine's Day. -ed.

Throw away all the snark, the never-ending confusion of inept managerial decisions, endless anger towards bad BWAA votes, undying certainty, arguments over which obscure sabermetric pitching statistic is best, and what I'm sure is now your one-hundredth discussion with whomever about why RBIs are not exactly the best statistic for identifying quality hitters.

Instead, let's focus on the one thing you hold up, the one thing that you say, "see! This works and it's easy!" What makes you most proud to claim sabermetrics as a hobby, as something to be proud of, as something that us nerds have improved?

What part of sabermetrics is best? Which part makes you giggle with glee when you see the light go off in a newly-enlightened friend's eyes? Which part wakes you up in the middle of the night, soothes your fears and tickles your back, and says, "it's ok, love. It was all a bad dream. The vote hasn't even happened yet. Why don't you try and get more sleep?"

What do you just LOVE about baseball and sabermetrics?