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WAR and WAM Word Clouds

This week's infographic is pretty simple. Last week's timeline graphs utilized font size to show relative value. That got me thinking about how a simple, straight-up word cloud would look for the Top 20 position players by Wins Above MVP Level (WAM).

Oh, you're curious too? Well, wonder no longer... here it is, courtesy of Wordle:

Top 20 Position Players, by Wins Above MVP Level (WAM)


Ruth looks downright… well… Ruthian.

Read on for the Top 20 by WAR (courtesy of Baseball-Reference, of course)…

Top 20 Position Players, by Wins Above Replacement (WAR)


Not as much variety in font size, huh? The WAR leaderboards have a more gradual decline while the WAM leaderboards are a bit more top-heavy. The Top 20 in WAR ranges from 172.0 to 101.9. So, #20 is 59% of #1. WAM's Top 20 ranges from 68.5 to 17.4. There, #20 is just 25% of #1. Hence the font size being more dynamic.

<geek>Oh, and if you're a font snob and are wondering what that gorgeous slab font is, it's Chunk. It's free to use and even embed on your sites via @font-face.</geek>