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High & Inside: 11/01/10

Today's Links:


Love this.

No matter what the outcome of the series, no matter what nuttiness ensues over final game or three, that was a pitching performance that we’ll bore our kids and grandkids about. We’ll sit on a sunny porch,drinking lemonade and spinning yarns about Madison Bumgarner’s start in Game Four. He threw 104 MPH, he did. He threw sliders that made hitters in the on-deck circle take cover before the balls broke over the plate. He completely broke down one of the greatest hitters in the history of the game in two consecutive at-bats.

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The uncomfortable truth told by this map is that the world is a somber, irrational and dangerous place, and that life on it is nasty, brutish and short. The world is, quite literally, a foolish place. 

  • A foolish map of the world, as perceived circa 1580-1590. One of my absolute favorite blogs--perfect example of an enthusiast and great writer being far more interesting than the experts.
  • You have to see this--it's a...well, a diagram that shows the Art of Complex Problem Solving. You have to see it to see it. 
  • One of the long-term issues in robotics is grabbing differently-sized, weighted, and shaped objects with the same robotic hand. DARPA (you might have heard their name bandied about in relation to the invention if the internet, or something) has a solution.

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