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BtB Sabermetric Writing Awards: Nominations for Best Novel Research Article or Project

The original post describing this project can be found here.

Please use the comments of this post to nominate articles for the "Best Novel Research Article or Project" award.  Here is the description for this category:

Original sabermetric research that enhances our understanding of some general aspect of baseball. These studies should help establish new sabermetric principles, metrics, techniques, or perspectives. Think "breakthrough research" when nominating this category.

Please take a moment and think about what you think are the best, most influential sabermetric research articles of the past year.  Nominate them below by replying, and please use the following format for clarity:

Title & Author: [title & author]
Link: [self explanatory]
Comment: [one sentence description of why you think the article should be considered]

You may nominate more than one article (including your own stuff), but please try to be somewhat selective (i.e. don't post a link to three-dozen articles you thought were good...pick you favorite two or three).  Also, please make a separate reply for each nomination. 

Finally, please remember that all nominations must be "seconded" to advance to the next stage.  Therefore, even if you can't think of an original article to nominate off-hand, please look through the comments and see if there are recommendations that you would endorse.  If so, just reply and write "seconded!"  Discussion of a nomination's merits are also very welcome.

Thanks for taking the time to nominate an article!