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Moore and Minaya Make Monster Moves

I couldn't help myself with the alliteration, sorry.

As for the big additions:

The Royals added outfielder Rick Ankiel on a one-year, $3.25M deal that includes a $6M mutual option for 2011. The Royals presumably will go with Ankiel, David DeJesus and Scott Podsednik in the outfield, pushing Jose Guillen to the DH spot and relegating Alberto Callaspo to undervalued trade bait status. Yippee.

As noted by FanGraphs' Matt Klaasen earlier in the month, Omar Minaya just can't help himself but to match Moore's every move. So I just sat by the computer and waited. Lucky for me, the news didn't take long to come in:

The Mets have agreed to trade for Gary Matthews Jr. of the Los Angeles Angels, the man who's due $23.5M through 2011. Even if the Angels eat a significant amount of the contract, this looks like one big knee jerk reaction to the Beltran surgery indicent.

Apparently, "The Contest" continues.