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SBNation Goes National


The great thing about all the SB Nation blogs is that you can get frequent, in-depth coverage on all your favorite teams.  The downside has always been that you needed to check out 30 baseball sites in order to get news on all 30 teams.  Or go to

Not any more.  SB Nation just launched an effort to provide one-stop shopping.  Whether you're someone who only has the time to check sports news for a few minutes a day (I'm so sorry for you) or you're like me and can never get enough sports news, the new has you covered.  Only want baseball news?  Try

There will be much more to come about why these new front pages have been created and what's so cool about them, but I'll lead off with two.  First, from Tyler Bleszinski, SBNation founder: will seek to do on a national level what each SB Nation network blog already does for its team or sport: provide the most timely, engaging and highest quality fan perspective information and conversation on the web. 

Second, from me, because you're sure to wonder, what the hell's a "story stream".  Well, a story stream is a series of related articles and editorial commentary covering the same topic.  For example, coverage of the Roy Halladay trade rumors would be given its own story stream.  As sites from SB Nation and around the web wrote about Roy Halladay, those articles would be added to the ones already written, updating the stream of news on the topic.  Quotes, analysis, fan reaction, and other types of articles would all be housed on one page.  On nice advantage of this route is that you can subscribe to a stream's RSS feed or bookmark the story stream page to keep up with the latest news on a hot topic.  Or click through and start discussing each article at its original location.

What do you think?