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Why the College Football's Coaches' Poll is a Joke

I am trying to keep the football posts to a minimum, but I have to get this gripe out of my system.  I just don't understand how the USA Today's Coaches' Poll is used at all to determine who plays in the national championship game considering how stupidly the coaches vote.  I know the coaches (or their assistants) could spend a total 10 minutes come up with a somewhat reasonable ranking, but they just can't do it.  This week's rankings just came out and here are 3 cases where a undefeated team (or in Oregon's case, one loss to #5 Boise State) beat another team on the field, but the winning team was ranked lower than the winning team.  In each case though, the AP poll had the winning team ranked higher.

Winner Loser Winner's Coaches' Rank Loser's Coaches' Rank Winner's AP Rank Loser's AP Rank
Oregon (3-1) California (3-1) 25 19 16 24
Iowa (4-0) Penn State (3-1) 17 13 13 15
Houston (3-0) Oklahoma State (3-1) 15 12 12 14

This methodology, along with other problems, annoyed the AP pollsters that ask and were removed from the BCS process.  Now the AP Poll crowns' their own national champion.  All I can think of is that the coaches don't care (probably), are pretty dumb (some of them) or figure if they screw up the voting process so bad that the NCAA will have to scrap the bowl system for a playoff system (we can only wish).