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Graph of the Day: The Worst Teams In Baseball, By Position

Using Runs Below Average (combining wRAA and UZR), these are the teams that are worst at each individual position.  To find runs below average, the teams composite production at each position is added up.  These can be found under the Teams tab on FanGraphs, by clicking on each position.  Catcher is not included here because there is no fielding component to catcher production on FanGraphs yet.


Some notes:

- The Jason Giambi reunion in Oakland is not working out too well.  1B is a position that you need average production out of to compete (runs below average does not include a positional adjustment).

- The contending teams listed here are the Twins, White Sox, and Braves.  The Braves have addressed their problem with Nate McLouth already, but the Twins and White Sox should definitely consider a trade to improve their respective situations at 2B and 3B.

- The Royals still desperately need a shortstop.

- The Padres outfield is... bad.

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