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Weekly Box Score: Through June 18th

In case you were on vacation with Justin, here's a run down of the week's highlights at BtB:

  • First off, Tommy B. presents more interesting info than the rest of us combined in his Daily Box Scores.  If you're not reading those, you're missing out.  That's also the place we're looking to collect saber-slanted and interesting baseball stories from across the web, as linked to by you, the reader.
  • Some names on the list of shortest average home run make sense.  Some don't.  Chase Utley, Adam Kennedy, Adam Laroche, James Loney, and David Ortiz.
  • Sky took a look at Roy Halladay's trade value, ignoring the context of a pennant race.  And then he found that any team willing to take on Vernon Wells' contract should ask for four Roy Halladays in return.
  • Want to calculate anybody's trade value?  Check out the Trade Value Calculator.
  • Are you among the 100% of fans who think trades should be analyzed by considering how much a mid-season acquisition will help their new team make the playoffs?  Then you should check out the debut of Nick's playoff probabilities and upcoming do-it-yourself spreadsheet.
  • Some people would argue the Futures Game is more entertaining than the MLB All-Star game.  If you agree, you'll enjoy Harry's look at the Pitch f/x data from the game.  Neftali Perez has a talented arm.
  • Jeff was looking to modify the FIP equation by including a substitute for home runs.  Strangely enough, there's little correlation between number of pitches over the heart of the plate and home runs.  Some pitchers seem to get by just fine going there and some don't.  Next step: skill or fluke?
  • Zack Greinke got the Albert Pujols treatment: He's good.
  • Jack argued the Braves should finish revamping their outfield and acquire Willie Harris.  I think the price he suggested was too high, but there shouldn't be any reason the Nationals need to hold on to an older outfielder.
  • Want to know what a league-average slider looks like?  How about a curveball?  Harry's got your answer, split up by lefties and righties.
  • Like pitching debuts and dissecting the new meat with Pitch f/x?  Check out Harry's look at Jeff Stevens and Luis Valdez.
  • The Phillies signed Pedro Martinez and he's starting on the DL.  Jack looked at what the Phillies can expect the rest of the way.
  • Perhaps the surprise of the week was a statgeek making a joke.  (We're not supposed to do that, you know.)  Jeff presented some tips for improving your Mom's basement.
  • Baserunning matters, people!  And the Rockies have been good at it.
  • You think the Natinals have Bryce Harper locked up?  RJ presents the best strategy for a number of teams to follow if they want to land the expected number one pick in next year's draft.

BtB authors aren't the only ones providing great content, as evidence by these FanPosts and deep discussions of FanShots:

  • shared the numbers on two below-the-radar players, Casey Blake and JJoe Crede.
  • The_Fan took a look a look at the Mark Teixeira trade from the Rangers to Braves, followed by 47 comments and counting.
  • Helmet_icon_tiny bs.uf15bosox9bears23 (what, you don't follow tennis?) created a couple image files meant to be combined with specific pitchers' pitch f/x graphs to show how their stuff compares to league average.  And Harry already tested it out.  Quite handy.
  • Crashburnalley challenged me to take our Tweet-off to the blogosphere, where we continued the debate about trading within your division.  I won.  ; )