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2009 All-Star Game Thread

The All-Star Game starts at 8:30 tonight, but pre-game festivities are probably already under way. I'm not going to present the stats for tonight's starters because Roy Halladay and Tim Lincecum will pitch two innings max, and, well, we already know they're both really damn good. (Question to stir the pot: what would their ERAs look like if they switched divisions?)

While I'd love to see the players and managers take this game seriously and focus 100% on winning, I realize that's not going to happen and I'm actually a sucker for the pageantry of it all. As a celebration of baseball and many of the game's best players, it's a pretty fun night even without the on-field action.

In addition to discussing the game, feel free to use this thread to ask BtB authors and other readers their opinion on anything -- the first half of the season, trade deadline possibilities, predictions for the rest of the season, or anything about saber-slanted analysis. I know I'll be around all day and all night and enjoy answering questions and making stuff up.