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Graph of the Day II: 2009 All-Star Starting Player's UZR/150 Values

Here is a quick look at the UZR/150 values for the elected starters of the All-Star game along with the totals for each team.  Since Pedoria (family) and Beltran (injury) will not be starting to the game but their replacements in the starting lineup have not been announced and when they are, I will add the information.  The AL looks to be putting a stronger defensive team on the field if you use these numbers.

Raul Ibanez is moved to RF in the following chart and graphs


AL by you.

NL by you.

National League Starters

Position Name Team UZR/150
1B Albert Pujols STL -2.3
2B Chase Utley PHI 1.8
SS Hanley Ramirez FLA -0.4
3B David Wright NYM -10.3
RF Raul Ibanez PHI -0.4
CF Carlos Beltran NYM -7.5
LF Ryan Braun MIL -6.2

Total = -25.3

American League Starters

Position Name Team UZR/150
1B Mark Teixeira NYY -4.3
2B Dustin Pedroia BOS 8.6
SS Derek Jeter NYY 1.4
3B Evan Longoria TB 14.1
RF Ichiro Suzuki SEA 13.4
CF Josh Hamilton TEX 19.9
LF Jason Bay BOS -9.8

Total = 43.3