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BASEBALLfx Summit Thread

Assuming I can connect I'll live blog as much as I can today.  You can watch the webcast starting around 8:45am PT.

I'll log my updates below the's the schedule.

I.  PITCHf/x

      8:45-9:05   Marv White   Welcome and Introduction

      9:05-9:25 Dan Brooks    PitchFX: Sounds great, now where do I get it?

      9:25-9:45 Matt Lentzner  PITCHf/x and pitching models

      9:45-10:05 Paul  Robinson   Using PITCHf/x to teach physics

      10:05-10:25 MLBAM

      10:25-10:45 open discussion

      10:45-11:00 break

II.  HITf/x

      11:00-11:20 Greg Moore  Obtaining HITf/x data

      11:20-11:50 Harry Pavlidis  What's that pitch worth?

      11:50-12:20 Peter Jensen   Using HIT/fx to create skill dependent metrics to better predict a player’s true talent

      12:20-13:00 lunch

      13:00-13:30 Dave Allen    Creating contour and ‘heat map’ graphs to display PITCHf/x and HITf/x data

      13:30-14:00 Alan Nathan  Combining HITf/x and landing point data

      14:00-14:30 open discussion

      14:30-14:45 break

III.  The Future:  Beyond PITCHf/x and HITf/x

      14:45-15:15 Greg Rybarczyk Baseball F/X: Architecture for the ultimate virtual gamecast

      15:15-15:30 Matt Thomas  Using photogrammetry to track fielders

      15:30-15:50 Rick Swanson  Reaction over range

      15:50-16:20 Marv White  PITCHfx, HITfx, FIELDfx – BASEBALLfx

      16:20-16:50 open discussion

Update 1 740PT Folks are rolling in. We're going to get hands on with the PITCHf/x systems today, so that should be pretty cool. Lots of folks kicking themselves for missing the game last night, except Max Marchi who has been to every game this week.

Update 2 852PT God, I am so nervous. I finally met Graham, and heisawesomer. (that's Dan Brooks hijacking my computer folks, but, I agree, Graham isawesomer)

Update 3 900PT Wow, if you're in Seattle you can get the data live at the game on your PSP

Update 4 936PT Matt Lentzner introduces us to the Pitching Peanut. Matt's work on arm slots has been HUGE in influencing my pitch classifications. Matt and I hope to begin collaborating (we said that last year, too).

Update 5 1005 PT We need more teachers in this world like Paul, he's great.

Update 6 1036 PT Sky, see how good that headline was?

Update 7 1056 PT Alright, we may be on our way to getting a handle on corrections!

Update 8 1155 PT Cool, learning new stuff .... the idea of a pitcher specific run enviro is important, and not horribly difficult to calculate. ...great, another project :-)

Update 9 127 PT Man, Dave is smart. I need to steal all his R techniques

Update 10 250 PT We're now into the "future" stuff. However, the future is now for some of this stuff. If you're not yet watching the webcast, do it now. I've seen a little of the stuff that's coming up in the next hour or two and it's mind blowing.

Update 11 315 PT OK, suddenly I feel like we haven't moved forward on fielding for 100 years, for real. This Fullerton study was ridiculously ahead of its time.  Link to the article (via Tango's site)

Update 12 330 PT Tendu isn't around on the net anymore, but this article at Sun Microsystems has some cool stuff

Update 13 424 PT Greg again well ahead of the curve with the concepts. Marv's talk starts soon, and that has the mind blowing stuff. You may have seen a tease of it in the New York Times recently, but, yea, that was just a tease.

Update 14 434 PT That's it for now, I'll be back after the game