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Game Scores and No-Hitters, Sponsored by Jonathan Sanchez

While many of us on the East Coast were sleeping (or out doing exactly the opposite of that), Jonathan Sanchez of the Giants threw a no-hitter against the Padres (nice live-blogging by Dave Pinto.)  And if Juan Uribe hadn't committed a fielding error, it would have been a perfect game.  Sanchez struck out eleven, and more impressively for him, didn't walk or hit a single batter.  28 up, 27 down, no hits, no walks, no nothing, except for that Uribe error.  Of course, the Giants defense might have helped out on some other batted balls, I'm not sure.

It's so nice that after the frustration of the Royals and Mets stupidity yesterday, we're also able to celebrate a part of baseball history.  According to Baseball-Reference's Play Index, there have been 123 9+ inning performances by starting pitchers where they allowed no hits (a "no-hitter" in my book.)  Well, make that 124 after last night.  The highest Game Score for these no-hitters is 101.  That feat belongs to Nolan Ryan and his 16 strikeout, 2 walk performance against the Blue Jays in 1991, and Sandy Koufax' 14-strikeout perfect game against the Cubs in 1965.  Sanchez clocked in at 98 last night, a number that had only been reached 14 other times:

GmSc	Player	Tm	Opp	Date
101	Nolan Ryan	TEX	TOR	5/1/91
101	Sandy Koufax	LAD	CHC	9/9/65
100	Randy Johnson	ARI	@ATL	5/18/04
100	Nolan Ryan	CAL	@DET	7/15/73
100	Warren Spahn	MLN	PHI	9/16/60
99	Nolan Ryan	TEX	@OAK	6/11/90
99	Don Wilson	HOU	ATL	6/18/67
98	Eric Milton	MIN	ANA	9/11/99
98	David Wells	NYY	MIN	5/17/98
98	Mike Scott	HOU	SFG	9/25/86
98	Len Barker	CLE	TOR	5/15/81
98	Denn Eckersley	CLE	CAL	5/30/77
98	Catfish Hunter	OAK	MIN	5/8/68
98	Sandy Koufax	LAD	@PHI	6/4/64

Yes, that's three appearances by Nolan Ryan and two by Sandy Koufax.

The lowest Game Score for a no-hitter since 1953 is 88, belonging to three guys: Joe Cowley, Ken Holtzman, and George Culver.

Welcome to the club, Jonathan Sanchez, now let's see if you can join the twice-in-a-row club.