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Are You Smarter than Jim Bowden? Answer: Nope, looks like he gets to pick my profile image

Steven Strasburg signs for 4 years, 15.67 million   Link


In the June 15th issue of ESPN The Mag Jim Bowden is quoted as saying for what amount and when Stephen Strasburg will sign for with the Nationals:

"August 15 at 11:57." -three minutes before the deadline - to a contract in the 15 million dollar range.

My challenge to you is predict what the final dollar amount and signing day will be, and the person who is closest will get to choose the next team for me analyze with my DL database or pick the profile image I will use for a month. Each million dollars and each calendar day your guess is off will count against you the same amount.  In case of ties, the person to submit their entry first wins.  If Strasburg isn't signed by the deadline, one winner will be drawn at random from those who correctly picked that option.