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Graph of the Day: Average Batted Ball Velocity From Hit f/x

Hitf/x has arrived. Sort of.  If you got an invite for the 2009 PITCHf/x Summit, you can play with April's batted ball data. Or go ahead and register and you'll get access to it.

The first thing I learned was Hit f/x keeps me from sleeping more than two hours.

I have lots of stuff already, looking at data reliablity, batted ball direction etc. etc.  Here's a chunk of one graph, average batted ball velocity. I also have it by pitcher, and I ran % of batted balls > 100 mph.  I'll probably load up the comments with graphs and factoids as I spend my weekend geeking out on the data.  Check back right here for more.

Average MPH of batted balls, at least 30 batted balls in April's data set: